Say Cheese!

Obviously, the first thing on my mind when visiting Zurich was the Swiss Chocolate. I had heard so much hype about how the quality of chocolate in Switzerland is the best, and I was not disappointed.

My journey to Switzerland started out perfectly. I flew Swiss Air from Rome to Zurich, and on the plane flight they gave me a croissant and a piece of mouthwatering chocolate– just prepping me for more delicious things to come during my visit. I met my new travel buddy, my mom, at the airport and we dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed out to explore.

First, we went for a hike in the Zurich Mountain of Uetliberg, which is supposed to have a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps, the town of Zurich and the huge lake. However, it was snowing huge flakes that danced slowly down and blocked the view of anything except for the path ahead and my mom’s face next to me. Even though we missed the view, we got to catch up with one another and took a cute little gondola down the mountain.

When we got back down into the city, we asked information how to visit the Lindt factory and took two buses to a stop where you could smell the chocolate in the air and then followed our noses from there. The sweet smell filled the air and fell with each big snowflake, surrounding us. However, when we got to the factory and asked for a tour, they told us that they were no longer giving tours due to security reasons. I am not quite sure what the world has come to when a Chocolate factory can’t give toursanymore for security reasons… but it was pretty disappointing. We bought some chocolate from the shop anyway, and then found our way back to the hotel to change in time for dinner. IMG_5968

I expected to taste a lot of Chocolate in Switzerland, but I was so distracted by this iconic part of the country that I failed to realize how much cheese I would consume as well. For dinner, Mom and I went to a cute little fondue place five minutes from our hotel. If you have never had fondue before, I would definitely recommend it! The lady brought out bread, potatoes, pickles, and pears and a huge pot of bubbling cheese.

With each bite, Mom and I fell more and more into a cheese coma. We made a huge dent on the food, but weren’t able to scrap the bottom of the pot like the group next to us did. But, before we finished, or close to finished, everything, I caught a picture of the action: Say Cheese, mom!

And that’s an un-wrap.


  1. Wendi · February 11, 2015

    I miss you Charlee. Traveling through Switzerland was so much fun. Safe travels. Love you tons!


  2. stretchingittotravel · February 16, 2015

    Do love fondue!!!!!


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